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Clover Skincare was created in April 2020. At this time I was dealing with teenage acne, and nothing seemed to work. I wanted to create my own skincare line so I knew exactly what was going into it and I could control the formulation. I realized that as a teenager, a teenager would understand my skin best. When I started creating my skincare, I noticed improvements in my skin rapidly, with my first product being my Lavender Vanilla Face Wash. One thing that was very important to me when creating my formulas were the ingredients that went into my products. I decided to take a handmade, vegan, and cruelty free approach. One of the other things that was really important to me was to instill confidence into all of the other beautiful people struggling with their skin. I know how hard it is to be confident in your own skin, but you just have to own it all-day, everyday!

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